Naturescape After a Firestorm

About 3 years ago I started a personal photo essay showing the changes nature goes through after a firestorm. I was inspired in doing such a narrative after Los Angeles Griffith Park lost about 4000 acres to fire during a day in May 2007. A week earlier  I had just done one of my 1.5hr hikes there and always said how beautiful it is and would hate to see this all destroyed. A week later when I saw smoke coming from the direction of the park I feared the worst. After it was all said and done, the trails that myself and many other had hiked were destroyed. I felt a great loss. I suppose after going there for over a year nature does become part of you. At least for me as I have a love for nature.

Between 1-2 years after Griffith Park had reopened I returned to do my first hike and brought along my camera. And what I saw was nature starting to regenerate among the charred hills. Beautiful and Inspiring! Honestly, I had no idea on what I was going to see, but was in awe walking through the contrast of charred trees, scarred land, lush green hills and colorful wildflowers. One can’t question the power of nature. It can bring down it’s own, yet rebuild from it! Unbelievable.

The photos show the transition of various nature elements and how its beauty transformed.  Click here  for the  photo gallery naturescape after a firestorm