Rey Bustos Anatomy Art Show.. closing night

I recently attended the “closing night” of Rey Bustos show of human and animal life (anatomy) drawings. You may think “anatomy drawings”? Yes, but what was different was how his drawings were presented. More as a larger than life installation as opposed to a technical representation in a classroom environment.

He incorporated various quotes from Abraham Lincoln to Matisse to DaVinci, and included a few of his own. A few of the quotes you will see below in some of the photos I took with Mr.Bustos kind permission. The presentation of these drawings were done using colored chalk against a series of long curved  black panels. Here we see  the exquisite detail of the human form through use of shadow and light.

As a photographer seeing his use of light and shadow detailing the human form was like experiencing the actual form in 3D. Strangely, I found myself envisioning many of his drawings as abstract photographs! Can’t explain it, but I saw something in these drawings that got me thinking how truly unique the human form is. Simply powerful and one of a kind to each individual.