from recap to respite

It’s been an exhaustive past few weeks editing through 100’s of images and updating the blog with a few posts and pages. I’m now learning the ropes on how blogging works and I have to say it’s a fascinating experience.

Here’s a snapshot of how my work environment looks while editing. There’s a few more things on the desk, but got what I could with the IPhone. The window view was the savior for my aching eyes after endless hours of staring at the monitor. More like singed retinas!!

So feeling I’ve covered a bit of ground here in “blog land”, I will be taking a break for a few a days so I can get ahead start in, ready this? My 2010 income taxes!!  There’s nothing creative about that, BUT I do have a strange attraction to number combinations. Once I get into it I can easily lose myself in it. It probably comes from the many problem solving puzzle games I played while in grade school. It’s been a while but I did get hooked on Suduko. I should revisit it once again!