another 12 days and iPhonography

I’m starting to see a pattern happening between this and my last post.. 12 days ago!  I seem to indulge in a 12 day blog respite, but only to  come back 12 days later with much insight and a few images to share.  I know there are no rules or quota when blogging, but feel like I’m “missing the boat” if I don’t keep frequent tabs here.  I will do my best!

This photo I took about a week ago outside of a friend’s balcony overlooking the Hollywood Hills.  Good ‘ol IPhonography at it’s best.

As much as I love photography and to see something produced via non camera means, sort of  leaves me fascinated and yet bewildered. Technology has rapidly moved into exploring other media forms to create Hi-Res results. No surprise now, but at least 10 years ago this “idea” of taking photos or recording video with (consumer) cell phones was quite possibly still a “concept”. I’m certain spy technology greatly influenced the use of stills and video into our phones. Boggles my mind that’s for sure! I can still remember “Get Smart” and all the spyware gadgets he had.  Little did our society know what the future held.

So todays blog is brought to you courtesy of the IPhone and its future advancements in the creative realm. What awaits us next? Turbo charged phones that will fry our hands while in use???