MOPLA 2011 With Albert Watson…

Aside from the recent technology hiccup,  April marks MOPLA‘s 3rd year of celebrating photography and showcasing the work of various Los Angeles and international photographers.  I missed the first 2 weeks of shows, but was able to visit an opening of “LA at Nite”. I don’t have a link but it showcased a selection of LA  photographers using the Los Angeles night scape as the backdrop for their images. From  portraits to editorial LA lifestyle (at night)  to the shadow/highlight tones of the ocean this show covered a little bit of everything.

Though the MOPLA highlight was attending a lecture by Albert Watson. One of the many influential photographers in our time. He covered a large body of work spanning over 30 years that to this day are so timeless and unique. He spoke about his beginnings as a graphic artist and film maker, but photography was the happy medium of both worlds as he merges both styles into his work. Like a great cinematographer telling a story and/or capturing a moment. I understand the way he captures his images as I’m seeing shifts in the way that I photograph a person or moment in a similar manner. The word he kept referring to is the”charismatic”persona of who he photographs.  That’s what a viewer sees and/or feels when looking at any of his images.He works in medium and large formats (up to 8×10) and explained the process of using multiple negatives in many of his images to get the tones and quality of the final image. This is a arduous process, but he did state with the advent of digital photography it has helped him to continue shooting in this style. I had to leave before his lecture was finished, but wanted to ask how much (or little) is he using digital photography when shooting. I’ve a feeling only when needed and still sticks to his originality.

He is one of the true masters of photography who has given us all a wonderful view of beauty, portraits, and moments.