RElocation.. Miami, Florida!


It’s been about 3 months since my earlier update with a few changes in that time. The more reason to wait until things settled down with me so that I can recap.


WHY: Well, the recent blog absence was because I’ve been in a transitory state for some time (I gravitate towards the in flux!). And this summer has been one of changes coming full circle. During this time I took a devastating loss to many years of work (I’ll spare the details as it’s already in the past), this (for me) was the “final nail in the coffin”. It was time to shift gears and plant my roots elsewhere. In a matter  of weeks I packed up things that were important to take with me and to ship over.

WHERE: I’m now living on the Atlantic coast in Miami, Florida. A completely different world from Los Angeles/West Coast. No comparison, which is a good thing!  I just know I’m being “here”. And glad to know I can drink the water straight from the tap and not cringe.

RELOCATING: My time here has been non-stop since settling in. Getting familiar with my whereabouts, being unexpectedly stuck in some of the most heaviest rainfalls I’ve ever experienced. I invested in “water ready” J-41 walking shoes to remedy the soggy shoe dilemma. They’ve been a life saver for getting caught in the rain. I’m happy that this city is much smaller (than Los Angeles) and I can get around easily via bus/metrorail. I’m about 30 minutes to Miami Beach by bus (give or take traffic) or about 45-60 minutes by bike. I’ve still yet to bike over the Venetian Causeway that transports vehicles and has bike lanes (YES!) into Miami Beach. The view is stunning with the massive cruise liners docked nearby and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on either side. Ahh..

*IGGY POP-LIFE IN MIAMI*: I came across this 2008 interview with Iggy Pop describing what it’s like to live in Miami. I haven’t been here long enough, but some of his thoughts do resonate with me about the city. See why this place is unique!

MIAMI BEACH (“MI PLAYA”): I made a long-awaited visit to Miami Beach on Labor Day. Beaches were crowded but not to capacity.The city had gone through a few days of stormy weather and this was the first day of sunshine with heat/humidity pushing 100°. It was tolerable especially on the beach. The colors on the playa are wonderful. Here are a few photos and a small film I put together as I revisited this side of the Atlantic.

There will be more to post as I settle down and experience the culture of what makes living here so unique from other cities. Just remind me to discuss about the “lizard in my sleeping pillow” incident!

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