A Beach Couple Worth Blogging About.. on this side of the Atlantic

Happiness near the shore..

Let me introduce you to one of the happiest married couple I have ever met. Valerie and Billy. They will be celebrating their 52nd (I believe) wedding anniversary this week. What’s the secret??  She said  “argue once a week!!”  But of course..  😉

How they met? She was a nurse and he was an orderly at the mental hospital they were working at! I could run off with the humorous antidotes they were telling me, but that would be a separate blog entry. At 72 and 73 yrs.old. they have lived near the water for about 20 years. Which means they have weathered some of Miami’s worst hurricanes in that time.

I met Valerie as she was walking out of the water. I was staring out into the sea as the sun was going down and jutting away from the large influx of  moon jellyfish of which I’m later  told is unusual for this time. Valerie hasn’t seen this many jellyfish in a while herself. Her husband, Billy is a few hundred feet ahead in the ocean just walking around. One thing surprised me is that you can walk out quite a ways from the shore and still be standing in the water. I have to remember that Miami is right at sea level! As I’m chatting with Valerie she catches my attention about MRSA. A staph infection where there is no bacterial remedy for it. And it has been found in the ocean waters and beach sands! I’m not too alarmed when she tells me this. It’s sad that beaches world-wide are being polluted in their own ways, but to have temperate waters harbor staph bacteria seems possible. There’s no chlorine in the ocean to kill bacteria. Also, people walking around with infected cuts or open wounds greater the chance of spreading MRSA. We can only be careful and shower before/after entering beach waters.

Fresh out of the Atlantic waters, Billy comes up and joins our conversation. I realize this man’s personality is one of great humor and tease. He kept telling me stories and Valerie would say to me stop lying and/or scaring me off. For instance, barracudas in the ocean!! I I broke out in laughter and said that you can’t fool me, Billy. I’ve seen “Apocalpsye Now” a few times already!!.. That wonderful smile of his came back and we both knew he was kidding. He had a few other stories to share with me and as time went on the sun had set and we’re standing in darkness with the warm breeze and ocean sounds becoming our soundtrack. I had such a lovely experience speaking with this couple who come to relax at the foot of the shoreline (everyday at sundown) to let the ocean lull them and create further peace and healing. They are such a handsome and energetic couple that I look forward to seeing them again at the end of 17th St. near the lifeguard house. When I told them I was going to add their photo on my blog, Valerie was excited and said “we’re going to be seen by a lot of people!!”. I certainly hope so.


 An early morning rainfall today produced this rainbow that just put a positive light on my day. I don’t chase rainbows but this was an eye catcher for me as I was commuting to the yoga studio.

AND LASTLY.. I don’t even want to get started with this cute feral who I secretly named “Scotty”! I swear we felines follow each other everywhere!