Fall Equinox and Embracing Change

This week I’ve been putting a bit of thought into my recent move. Summer comes to an end, and now transitions from light into dark with the approach of the Fall Equinox tomorrow. For a brief moment there will be an equal balance of lightness and darkness then transcending into shorter days and longer nights. Once Winter Solstice (Dec. 22 2011) arrives, thus begins (for the next 3 months) shorter nights and longer days.

I explain all of this as each seasonal change occurs, I take the time to reflect on what has been accomplished and what has yet to be achieved. My arrival to the Miami area has been profound. And I’m now realizing that “I AM” here. This became very clear to me as I took part in a yoga practice to welcome in the the beginning of Fall . I found a place to set myself facing the bay (as the sun sets) outside of The Standard Spa (Miami Beach). The shifting of the warm winds and the darkening of the light, sets an ethereal backdrop for this Fall celebration.

Christy Nones (certified Anusara teacher) leads the yoga practice for this event with ease and focus for all of us. Sonically there were “crystal singing bowls” performed by Andrew Clark. By the end of the practice, the lighting was so unreal I had to stop (before meditation) and capture what I saw and felt.

I’m embracing the fact that I’m on a new journey that will lead me to who knows where, and that I’m fine with. And grateful for being a photographer who can share with others the who’s, the what’s, the where’s which moves me.

Well wishes to everyone for a wonderful Fall season.