A Calico Spider and Bill Baggs State Park

Before I begin this post, I thought I’d bring up front this photo of a Calico spider. Now many of you may have just yelled “ew” and have started looking around your feet. But as close as I was to this eerie yet curious creature (with limbs as wide as my hand) I was in awe of its appearance. I don’t have a great fear of spiders, but took caution in not knowing it’s behavior. I mean.. I kept thinking this one could fly of its web and land right on me at any moment. I was less than 12 inches away to get the photo. The yellow substance that we see is more than likely the material used to spin its  large web. When I got home I searched online for a similar looking spider. I’m happy to have read that the “calico spider” (also known as the “golden silk spider”) is harmless to humans. Here’s more information about this beautiful yet harmless creature.

Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne provided a wonderful surprise. About 1.5 miles in circumference it gave me a scenic bike ride on paths leading along a seawall of the Atlantic ocean, and in/out of flora and fauna. The Cape Florida lighthouse is about 95 feet high (appox.9 stories). Even lying on my back I couldn’t capture its height from bottom to top. The history that is provided about the lighthouse is most interesting. Also take a read about Stiltsville.

For its small size Bill Baggs State Park has much to see and experience for everyone. Especially a city slicker like me !

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