Steve Jobs – The Passing of A Visionary and Humanitarian

I’m heading home on the train as I write this and thinking about the news I heard an hour ago of Steve Jobs passing. Though I have never met him, I feel I’ve gotten to know a little about who was through the various Apple products I’ve owned now close to two decades.

This man was an extraordinary visionary who put simplicity and creativity into using computers. His technical experience meshed with a compassionate soul created many products that have now changed the way we work, create, and even interact.

But somehow Steve Jobs was on the pulse of things. He made investments and took risks to show how important Apple products are to the world and to people who can use these products to enhance productivity in their daily lives.

I can easily say thank you to Steve Jobs for standing by what he believes in and being a humanitarian, Also for taking part in creating the memorable campaign “think different”.

Thank you for creating such products that have allowed me to think and to be creative “outside of the box”.You will definitely be a hard act to follow, or possibly I can be that particular act to follow one day!

Godspeed your soul, sir!