African Urban Beauty…

   A few weeks after my arrival to Miami I had the great pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman by the name of  Sister Sherrie. Originally from New York, she now owns a Miami based hair salon called  “A Kinky Thing”.  I dropped by the salon to see about getting my dreads back into shape. And when I met her, I was immediately floored by her jaw dropping appearance and energy. A very grounded woman. Even with the large ankh tattooed dead center on her forehead, piercings, and various other tattoos all of that disappeared moments after I spoke with her. Her 8 month old son, Enoch, was there with her while mom was finishing up with a client. I asked Sherrie (who later said to call her Sherrie) if I could do some portraits of her. She agreed and we set the shoot up a few weeks later. These are a few results of which I’m quite happy with. Here I introduce you to “Sister Sherrie”. I will be soon changing my photo gallery to accomodate specific categories with my work.

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There is one aspect that I’ve always enjoyed when photographing a portrait is the element of the unknown coming from the subject. As a photographer, documenting the unexpected is what makes photography such a pursuit for me. It’s the continual drive to keep photographing (in a different manner) and catching the result from it. No two elements are alike in this world and this is the approach I take with my work and to share with others.