Art Gallery Opening in Little Havana..

SANTO★ MARTIN GALLERY: With an early start for the approaching Art Basel events that will take over Miami/Miami Beach in about 1 week. I recently attended the opening of my friend’s new gallery, Santo ★Martin. Located in the heart of Little Havana near 10th St./Calle Ocho. It was a wonderful evening of celebrating art and life. Santo Martin (gallery founder) and his partner Ricardo Bermudez were the hosts of the evening. Their charm and exuberance got many of us dancing to the percussion duo who were providing the rhythms for us. Though didn’t think I would be coerced into dancing with everyone, Santo Martin took my hand and next thing I knew I’m joining him in a Latin spirited dance frenzy. It felt good and I was long overdue for some dancing, VIVA SANTO ★ MARTIN!  Please come by and visit the gallery if in Miami. Support those who truly love and believe in what they do!

MARLON AND RIVI: At the opening I met two new faces. Marlon Alarm (singer) and his friend, Rivi Madison (performance artist). Rivi treated us to a wonderful expressive dance piece to one of Bjork’s songs. Very touching! We talked afterwards about art/music/culture in Miami and Los Angeles, and agreed that there are plenty of talented artists in Miami from all walks of life. The main factor is that the arts community is not highly prolific in relation to other major cities. Though I want to say that this community IS Miami’s best kept secret! There are some incredible artists here with many more to discover. Miami is growing and give it another decade and I  predict this city will be one of the top cultural centers in the world! Dare, I say mark my words  😉

ART BASEL: With the annual Art Basel event coming up this is the one BIG date of the year where established and up and coming artists, gallery owners, and everything in between are out to show their wares to art connoisseurs across the world. I’m also told Art Basel IS one of the city’s highest revenue draws bringing millions of dollars into Miami/MiamiBeach during the 5 day long event. Now if only the city could invest some of that income into building a better infrastructure for Miami instead of considering an outrageous casino project! Las Vegas in Miami??  Doesn’t make sense…

Keeping this post short and holiday sweet for everyone. I will do another update when Art Basel is over.