Art Basel 2011- Another State of Mind

 It’s been 2 weeks since Art Basel 2011 ended. And as I look back at what I photographed and the people I met I still feel there was so much that was missing. With a growing emergence of artists in Miami (thanks to Art Basel Miami) this event has helped to put many up and coming artists in the spotlight. But one thing is clear that there is still a separation of  “the haves and the have-nots” in the artist community. Unless you have the power of money and know the whos’s who, Art Basel felt like an art version” of a Hollywood Oscar weekend. Jet-setters a plenty with a few celebrities seen at various openings and parties. The places I spent the most time was in the Wynwood Art and Design districts. All close in proximity with a nice eclectic mix from up and coming artists and designers.

Much has already been written about this year’s event. But what I want to share with you is some of the most creative artists and works I’ve seen at a global level all staged in one place for a weekend. I’ve listed below a few of the artists whose work I photographed while walking through various showings and installations. Photography was sorely under represented at this event. Which makes me wonder how photography is looked upon as a true art form these days. Perhaps a “Photo Basel” as an off shoot event to Art Basel?

Regardless, I leave you with a wonderful portrait of Paul Simonon (bassist of The Clash). I was close to dropping coin on this print but a few too many zeros out of my price range!

Below is a photo narrative of what caught my eye during this year’s Art Basel. NOW go out and be the change you want the world to see!

Carlito Dalceggio, Alexis Diaz & Juan Fernandez (La Pandilla), Anibal Vallejo, Yuri Solomko, Miguel Paredes, Alberto Linero, Teresa Diehl, Brian Ermanski 

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