A Sketchy Miami Holiday and 1 yr.blog anniversary…

A few weeks ago I attended Sketchy Miami’s holiday party at Lesters in Miami’s Wynwood arts district. I’ve missed the last few Sketchy events as I was just relocating to Miami. It wasn’t until I came across their site and read what Sketchy Miami is all about. A simple, “(im)possible goal” of artists sketching a portrait of everyone in Miami. And the word is out! Recently, while on the bus I saw an older man with a large sketch pad drawing portraits of some of the passengers . Brilliant, I thought!

Sketchy Miami is a wonderful way to have artists create in an open environment and to interact within Miami’s diverse community.

The art community is the one thing that continually fascinates me. Artists supporting artists supporting community. Reminds me of my art college years and being surrounded by talented artists and designers trying to break ground for either notoriety and/or success. Not much has changed in getting a piece of that successful artist pie, except now there is digital art!

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This is my last post for 2011. And a great means to bring in my 1 year anniversary of creating this photo blog!

So I look forward to the next year of photography and where the universe will next place me.

The journey continues..

Happy New Year! With much prosperity and  happiness to everyone.

I leave you with this wonderful image of Noor (our future generation) to put smiles on all of our faces.