update! and a brief return to LA LA land…

UPDATE: I found myself spending most of last month re-inventing myself and the direction of my photography. Needless to say, it was the perfect time to re-design my website. I then began the tedious process of creating a new website. Talk about a learning curve! Even with light html coding this was still a challenge for me. I now know for certain that I’m not that BIG of a computer tech. Regardless, it was a great experience in knowing what goes into building even the simplest websites. Lets just say I’ll leave the fancier web design sites to the pros! I’m proud to say that I finished the final site design at the end of January. www.shootfromthehip.us

RETURN TO LA: As soon as I completed the website and was in the next phase of promoting my work, I unexpectedly found myself making a last minute visit to Los Angeles. So I stopped everything to take care of business back home. When I returned I found myself missing the familiarity of living in LA. The creature comforts of convenience and accessibility. I think the time away living in a smaller city has shown what I left behind in LA and that I’m still connected with. At this moment, I’m planning to split my time between the East & West Coast. And when that time comes to fly out, I’ll have these images from my recent visit as a reminder of  LA’s mysterious wonder.

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