iPhoneography vs 35mm DSLR…

After reading on Twitter about an ‘instagram contest” to document this weekend’s Wynwood ArtWalk, I thought to take my Canon DSLR and the iPhone out to compare images. I have to say the iPhone  camera (with all it’s Apps) is still more of a nostalgic way of capturing images. I found myself navigating back/forth between the DSLR and the iPhone, but in the end the DSLR allowed more freedom from a technical standpoint. I COULD import these images and give it a iPhone look, but that’s too much time to spend on a low res image. Granted, I have the dinosaur 3Gs so I can’t get any more nostalgic than that. These are all non-iPhoneographic images and I’m happy to hug my 5D while 35mm DSLRs are still around.

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