iPhone 4s.. a change of heart?

I recently had to replace my beloved iPhone 3Gs. Not under the best circumstances but it had to be done. I got an upgrade and jumped on board to get the iPhone 4s. I was a bit excited and curious with the new features, especially with that 8MB camera! After having it for a few days, I’ve only hit the tip of this iceburg in exploring its features. But I have to say the camera is QUITE incredible. It’s very sharp in detail
and producing high quality images when enlarged. Here’s an indoor photo I took with the 4s as the late morning sun passed overhead in my apartment. I truly love the natural light that comes into my place. I have a wide diffused window that creates some of the best natural light I’ve ever lived in! Needless to say, it keeps my mood in check!

I’ll be posting more examples from the 4s camera. And I’ve still yet to test out the built in the 1080p video. Even though I’m very traditional in the way I shoot, sans digital media, I’m slowly embracing the technological advances that have flooded the photo market. I’ve no choice in the matter, but at least I can chose how to utilize what’s out there to expand on my creativity. Dare I say, it’s actually given me access to more creative opportunities. There are times that I’ve SO many ideas that it can be overwhelming. At this point, I’m going along with what’s out there and will continue to share my photographic interpretation with everyone. I just added a few more images to my site. www.shootfromthehip.us Appreciate the continued support.. ~A~