A return to home.. L.A.

After spending 7 months in Miami,Fl. I decided it was time to come back to Los Angeles, to reground and be in a more productive environment. My time away was an (indefinite) personal sabbatical which allowed me to be independent in every way. I found myself more creative in my ideas and perspectives. And yes, I can say the grass is always greener elsewhere. But finding your own turf is of the utmost importance!

Why the return to LA..?  Simple.. I still have roots here. I didn’t realize it until my visit to LA a few months ago. When I got back to Miami, things that I was connected with no longer seemed the same. Changes were starting to happen while I was there and soon found that my journey was taking me home for the time being.

Since coming back, it has been nice to be here amongst better customer service, smiling faces, and Trader Joes! I kid you not! Miami works differently. Very fast pace, not a moment to think, and very Latin. The beaches are the main saving grace as a means to relax and recharge. Whatever spare time I had I would make a bee-line to one of the local beaches and pass out from the ocean’s negative ions… sigh.  I will make a return to Miami (Beach) again.

So for now, I’ll be in L.A until the next venture comes along. I’m in a highly productive and creative mode which is good news as inspiration continues in it’s many facets for me.

While walking down one of the residential streets in Hollywood I came across this paper cadillac that immediately grabbed my eye. Sunlight was low and it just suited this image along with the fallen colored flowers. I can’t think of a better image to welcome me back to Los Angeles.