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Last month I took some portraits of a friend’s beloved canine companion, Daisy. I hadn’t seen her in about 2 years and was told that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Gratefully, her last surgery removed a lot of the cancer. When I saw her (for the photo shoot) I noticed she lost quite a bit of weight and looked like a young pup to me. Her “uncle” Jon was kind of enough to guide me through her moods and actions. I basically let Daisy “tell me” when to shoot. She had spontaneous moments of energy, but for the most part was very laid back and cautious at times. When editing through the photos I was surprised by what I got. There are times I never see the same image through the lens once I’ve finished shooting. It’s like my subconscious catches an image and the camera captures it before I consciously see it. Never fails! Regardless, I wasn’t expecting to build a photo narrative around Daisy, but it ended up that way through the images.

This story is dedicated to Daisy, Nina and Will (Daisy’s “mom and dad”)  and her “uncle” Jon. Daisy you ARE so loved.