Chromegirl and friends.. all things Cyber and Tron

1846© Kitty's eyes
The photo to the left is Ms. Kitty. I thought this would make an intriguing image to open this post.

My friend Shannon aka “Chromegirl”, who I’ve known since my  early club days is a globally established icon within the Cyber, Electronica, and Fetish club scene. She is a model, performer/dancer who recently started her first club night in Los Angeles under the name of Club Chrome!

I took the opportunity to come by and take some candid shots of Shannon and her friends, Ms. Kitty and Angeli who were the dancers of the evening. I was looking forward to shooting that evening as Shannon is a chameleon with her looks and style. She never fails to surprise!

This had to be one of the most experimental (lighting wise) shoots I’ve done in a while. I shot these portraits in very low light of which I was curious to see the results combined with the LEDS of Shannon’s glowing 12″ mohawk! Incredible!! It gave me  a myriad of ideas in being creative with mixed lighting. There was a bit of a learning curve when pushing the limits of low lights and using my Canon DSLR under these conditions. It’s entirely doable to get wonderful images this way, but it’s important to understand HOW mixed lighting works. Yes, I could’ve used another light source but in this case I wanted to work with what I had. The more challenging, the more (technically) you have to know and be creative with your light sources. Always the unexpected with at time very pleasing results.

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