Killing Joke! here now and forever…


Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to you KILLING JOKE. One of the few greatest bands remaining. Last night, I had the opportunity to see the last date of their current tour celebrating 35 years of being Killing Joke. That’s just an incredible amount of time for a band emerging from the era of British punk and all the incarnations that their music has evolved through. And what remains is the Killing Joke “sound and influence” ie, Nirvana, Prong, Ministry, etc. There’s an intensity and energy in what they create that only someone who has listened and has seen them perform can really experience. The show last night was no exception. The set list was the perfect mix of singles from early recordings up to the last few releases. I felt like I was 20 yrs.old again, dancing and raising my arms with practically every song performed.The Encore: in memory of Paul Raven, Jaz Coleman (KJ vocalist/co-founder) dedicated “Love Like Blood” in his honor. Gone and definitely not forgotten. But what was even more touching was seeing a photo of Paul that was resting against a large mirror in the band’s dressing room. A lovely photo that I was tempted to take a snapshot of, but my instincts told me not to do so in respect. Yeah, I’m traditional in that sense!

Unfortunately, no photos from the show.This was a last minute invite and I wasn’t saying no in attending. The photo above is one of Jaz shot during their 2003 tour. Whoa, it’s already been 10yrs, since I last saw them??  I’ve another photo from the show on my website.  

I had an incredible time meeting new and familiar faces which made the night worth while. So, with less ringing ears and slightly sore legs I no longer feel like that 20 yr. old. who was bouncing around with her arms raised. Hey,  it’s worth it and I’ve a smirk on my face from it!

Thank you Killing Joke – Jaz (the mystic), Geordie (sonic carrier), Youth (wisdom/rhythm), and Paul Ferguson (tribal channeller). You are all-encompassing power. And props to my dear friend Martin who made this happen for me.