A Day Out in Paradise.. Happy Birthday to me!

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I decided to revisit a place that is SO special I dare not reveal it’s location to anyone. It’s been about 6 years since I last visited “Paradise” and I have to say it looks and feels even more wonderful from what I remember. A jewel that’s for sure! No distractions, just feeling, breathing, and being grounded. Everything falls into place for me when I’m there. I soaked up every minute of what I was experiencing and bottled it up for the remainder of my birthday. I couldn’t ask for anything more! I capped off the day with a long hike up in the hills overlooking the Pacific. This was quite cathartic for me which was worth it. I LOVE nature and this was such a nurturing experience for an earthy Taurus as myself. Felt GOOD and RIGHT to be there. The photos I selected (all iPhone) are elements that I connected with during my day. Cheers for such a great day!