Felines to the Rescue

2063© brindled tortieDuring a recent visit to Kitten Rescue’s   Sanctuary, I was asked to bring my camera to  photograph some of the rescues that are currently residing at the Sanctuary. Part of my visit was to see some of the renovations that were being done to facilitate more space for rescues. The Sanctuary does include limited boarding of “owned” cats, but primarily caters to rescues. A lot of work has been done in the upgrade, and more is currently being worked on to further expand the Sanctuary which is all  through non-profit proceeds.

My connection to KR is personal by means of a rescue cat who I had previously fostered through the organization. I became  involved with their adoptions and volunteered for a few of their Furball Charity events. I was looking forward to visiting after many years. The various personalities, colors, and shapes of these wonderful felines were all a reminder  how much I’m still connected to these creatures.

I did have guidance while photographing many of the felines who basically ran the show and gave me as much of their time. So here I share a human’s visual connection to these amazing and intuitive animals. What beauty you all have!

At this time, most of the cats and kittens that you see are available for adoption. Contact Kitten Rescue for more information and feel free to forward this link in reference to adopting a specific kitty you may’ve seen here. Also take a peek at the their Cat Cam... WARNING! this is only for feline addicts!

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