A Blog “Facelift” & Feline Curiousity

So I just completed an overdue facelift to this site. It was time to lighten up the feel and streamline it for better viewing. I delved into every nook and cranny in updating this so much so that I feel more educated in what it takes to create/redesign a blog. Granted there was no CSS or other web coding involved, just one of WP’s templates that allows some basic play in updating one of it’s themes. This I LIKE. Simple and no nonsense!  I hope those who now visit like the feel of the site. My website will be undergoing a similar transition over the coming weeks. Bare with me for any hiccups while the site gets revamped.

Regarding the image below. It was one of those circumstances that surprises you. And this wonderful feline, known as “KingPin”, caught my eye as he was curious what was going on with the iPad. I have to say he’s my partner in crime whenever I’m working on the laptop or any other device that has a screen to it, including the iPhone. He recently become obsessed with these devices and at times actually lies down next to them signaling with his paw that he wants it turned on. I have no idea what he’s thinking as he watches the screen, but it does seem to be his way of socially engaging with me while I work. As long as he keeps his paws away from the DELETE and VOLUME buttons there’s no complaints!

Regardless, he’s a beautiful soul to have around and dare I say he may well be a supporter of my work. That is as long as it’s on one of these devices!

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