a website redesigned… mission accomplished!

This weekend, I completed a month long (and overdue) redesign to my website. I decided to switch web host servers and found a site that best suited my needs for creating a bolder and lighter look to the website. This is what the previous site design looked like.


Thus began an interesting self-discovery process while rebuilding the site. Resizing, reformatting, re-doing everything. Just starting from scratch! This is something that I find so important and cathertic as an artist when it comes to viewing over decade’s worth of work. This would be great for artist of all kinds to review their own work every few years or so and see what it tells about you as person.

One thing’s for sure is that I’m finally “showing” my work. And what I mean by this is that the past websites I’ve had never showed my images in a large format (fullscreen). The images were on a smaller scale and I’ve had people tell me that they want to see my images large. And I was thinking.. “Why”? You see my images no matter what size they are. And that was the problem right there! The presentation is relative to the person who placed those images to be seen. Possibly, coming across like I don’t care or I’m not proud to show my work. No boldness or courage in my presentation. Well, this hit the nail on the head for me while looking for the right template to represent the updated site. The one I chose worked perfectly and it’s name spoke volumes.. “Momentum”. I couldn’t say it any better! So I now grew to understand Momentum’s simplicity and effective means of bringing one’s work out front and center. And you know what, it’s not such a bad thing. I don’t think I can even view my work at any size less than a cinematic wide format!

With all that being said, I introduce to you a bold and proud redesign of shootfromthehip.us

I’ll be in attendance at the PhotoShop World Conference in Vegas this week, and will follow up after I return later in the  week.