PhotoShop World Expo Sept. 3-6 2013 – Las Vegas


Last month I received a phone call from Scott Bourne who is a photographer, author, and blogger. He has a WP blog called “PhotoFocus”. He contacted me regarding my email entry to his give away of 6 PhotoShop World 2013 full conference passes in Las Vegas. We chatted a little bit about why I would like to attend, what’s happening with my photography, my goals, so on and so on. Based on our conversation he felt I should receive one of these full conference passes!! The full conference passes are quite expensive and to top it off those who attend the full conference this year receives a complimentary 1 year subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite! I couldn’t believe that I was gifted such a great opportunity and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was ready to explore something different.

This encouraged a rush of creative energy that I ended up redesigning my website to get it ready for PhotoShop World and to show prospective clients. I literally finished it 2 days before leaving to Las Vegas!

Fast forward, I arrive in Vegas a bit rushed as my flight was delayed on the tarmac. I was trying to catch an evening orientation 1hr. after my plane landed. Needless to say, I DID make it. Thank goodness, Vegas is small. Unfortunately, not much I can tell you outside of PSW as I spent 98% of my time at the conference. The other 2% was catching up on sleep. Topics ranged from business, lighting, Adobe software techniques, and photography technical classes. I’d say most of the attendees were professionals to serious amateurs. And all who attended received a large softbound book of notes that coincided with most of the lectures! So we all have notes  on lectures that we may have missed. This is excellent and the instructors have been kind to have us email them with any inquiries in case there wasn’t time to have questions answered. I’ll definitely be in touch.

Day 1 was brutal on me as I was eager to catch as many 1 hr.lectures from 10am-7pm. I somehow accomplished this but by the end of the day/evening. I was all glazed eyes and tired feet from running to various classes and up/down to the expo floor. I swear someone could’ve done a cool time-lapse film on me! Day 2 was longer 8:15-6pm. I took a break mid afternoon and then caught a late afternoon class. Day 3, short and sweet. A morning lecture discussing the various uses of social media. Though not enough time to cover all of it’s uses, but enough to get started in the right direction.  Afterwards I made one last visit to the expo area said a few goodbyes, then made a bee-line to get my luggage and rush to the airport. Pretty much non-stop for 4 days.

In hindsight, I learned a lot about the reality of what it “takes” and the “passion” in what you do to achieve success. Brooke Shaden was one of the opening keynote speakers who made my start to PSW a great one! She is a young fine art photographer who is all passion driven. Read her philosophy about how and why she works. This young lady is 26 years old and she speaks as if she’s been doing this much longer than her years. I admire her as she is REAL, speaks and thinks from the heart and very gifted.

What I took from this conference is some soul searching and being true to myself and to my work. “Be the change you want the world to see”. That’s all there is to it! Time to tighten these boot straps!

Photo Op: Here I am sharing space with Vanelli (networker extraordinaire) and Jorge (NY photographer and new friend). Not much time for photos except 1-2 quick snaps I posted on Instagram

Watch out for the Jackalope!

2776 vanelli and jorge2763© lighting demo2783© laughing jackalope