Life Is Beautiful Festival Oct.26-27 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada


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This weekend I was giving the opportunity to photograph Downtown Las Vegas’ first ever large festival showcasing the arts, music, a culinary village, and guest speakers from across the US. This was a massive feat to get Downtown Las Vegas ready for such an event. Rehan Choundry is the founder of L.I.B and received partial funding for the event via Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh where the company’s headquarters are based in Downtown Las Vegas. In addition, Tony Hsieh is currently invested in the revitalization of Downtown LV.

After my recent visit to Vegas and hearing about this festival over a month ago, I was quite curious and excited about how such an event would transform a once abandoned downtown neighborhood into a cultural magnet for one weekend. In my previous post I had mentioned how Downtown Las Vegas is growing into an area to bring people in to experience art, music, and a social  community that is unlike the Vegas strip. The people who work and live here choose to be in the downtown area as they want to invest in and show support in the neighborhood. I feel this is part of the meaning of what the “Life Is Beautiful” festival is about. Showing support, care and love about what inspires you. I definitely experience this through the people I met who came far and near to attend and photograph this event. The crowd was the best I’ve encountered in a long while. From families to hard core festive attendees, everyone was cool! Total attendance both days came to around 60,000! For an inaugural event of this kind that’s pretty amazing!  See Rehan it all worked out!  🙂

Saw a lot of bands and introduced to a few new ones. Highlights for me: Janelle Monaé, Living Colour and Empire of the Sun. Also watch out for Robert DeLong (one man LA techno/electro performer).

 The photo story I covered is now showing in this weeks LA Weekly online gallery.

Happy Halloween!