Portrait of a Photographer Series #3 – Peter Dokus



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 Introducing Peter Dokus as my #3rd portrait in this ongoing series. Peter is a portrait photographer who has covered the music side of photography, primarily hip-hop artists in it’s early days.

Though these portraits (in particular) have a bit of a double-sided twist to them. Being that we share a love for music and photography Peter was telling me about a side music project/persona of his named “Kooder Brown”. Of course, I was curious. After doing some formal portraits of Peter, he left the studio and a few minutes later in came Kooder Brown with his guitar! Wearing a tall top hat, mirrored Ray-Bans, American flag printed scarf and jean jacket the transformation was quite a surprise!

Photographing  Peter Dokus as Kooder Brown was like watching a mini-documentary of two people. And in doing these portraits I can see where Peter feels most comfortable as Kooder. A persona that allows him to relax and to strum away on the guitar.

Now I can only imagine what if Kooder showed up with a camera in hand to do a shoot? I’d think something pretty incredible!