In Remembrance of Sarah Jones … IATSE 600 Memorial 3.7.2014













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“We make movies and we entertain millions of people and no one should have to die for that,” Mike Miller, vice president of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE 600).

“No movie, no TV show and no job opportunity is worth the sacrifice of a human life,” Steven Poster of the Cinematographers Guild.

“Do not have a reason for another father to stand up here and to give this talk. No one’s daughter, no one’s son, should ever die again making a film. Never,” Richard Jones (Sarah’s Father).

These are the quotes that have remained in my head since attending Sarah’s memorial this past Friday. I didn’t know Sarah Jones but I knew the kind of exuberance and drive she had for working hard.

Sarah reminded me of myself when I was 27 yrs. old  working as a photo assistant on various productions. Work first, everything else comes later. Granted  photo crews are smaller than any TV/Movie production. For the most part there was very little concern about any (serious) accidents happening . Though there were times when on location that the elements could be challenging. Gratefully, we all made do and kept moving ahead.

My attendance to Sarah’s memorial was to show support of all movie/tv production crews (union/non-union) to bring greater awareness of safety measures on set. Sarah’s loss could have been prevented if there was better authority and judgment. I can only hope such a tragedy can be avoided in the future.

Godspeed your soul..  RIP Sarah Jones