Portraits: “Three Generations of Women”

_3-Gen-Greek-Collagev2-©Last weekend, I serendipitously met these three incredible women who are generations of mother and daughter.

The youngest (who is 19 years old) came up to me earlier and made a comment about liking my appearance. I don’t take flattery very well, but I politely said “thank you” to her. It wasn’t until I saw the other two women with her that I realized that there was a connection between them.

What I saw was an incredible maternal relationship within these three women. I asked the mother of the 19 yr. old if they are all related. She proudly said , “Yes”!

The youngest then introduced me to her 84 yr. old grandmother. I was immediately convinced that there was something special about these women and that I couldn’t let it get away from me.  The connection between these women was of one of loyalty and maternal support.

I then asked if I could take an individual portrait of them. Their reaction was more than I expected! They were thrilled and asked me to take pictures with them! The grandmother took my hand and said in a greek accent that I reminded her of what she looked like when she was younger. Who knows, maybe we were seeing  a glimpse of ourselves through each others eyes. Regardless, it was a pretty unique moment.

How these portraits came about was simply a fluke! With nothing planned I found a seating area in a corner with LED lights aiming from the ceiling. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t care. I just had to capture something special with these women. I took 10 minutes to photograph them and hoped for the best. When I viewed the images I was surprised by what I had captured. I saw something completely different, and just ran with it to create a mysterious yet realistic image of a moment.

I saw innocence, nurturing, and wisdom. The different cycles of maturity within a generation of women. Thank you Allegra, Toni, and  Helen for allowing me to spend a few moments  to capture your innate individuality.