Granted, I’m pretty much a city slicker and don’t have the opportunity to see horses unless there’s a policeman mounted on top of one patrolling the city streets.

Though recently I spent time visiting with family and had a spare moment to eye out these beautiful horses that they have. When you experience a horse in person they exude such power that I was very cautious in approaching them. This goes back to when I was a preteen and being thrown off a horse when it got spooked. I vowed never to get on a horse again, and I still haven’t. Also since I’m not around them it doesn’t help to conquer my fear of riding a horse again. Someday.

So for now, it was good “fear therapy” to be around them and watch their behavior. There was one horse (the dark brown profile pictured above) that had such a calm sense to it that I couldn’t keep my eyes away from him. Something special about that one. Hopefully I’ll revisit all of them again and spend more time getting to know their personalities. They are beautiful!