Hyenas and Handcuffs: an interview with Paul Koudounaris

A wonderful interview with a acquaintance of mine.


Paul Koudounaris is an art historian and the author of ‘The Empire of Death’ and ‘Heavenly Bodies’. Since completing his doctorate at UCLA he has travelled the world photographing some of the most visually stunning funerary practices involving human remains. In the past, Paul has conducted numerous interviews about his work (read some here, here, and here), but hopefully you’ll find this one a little bit different.

AA: Hi Paul. Welcome to Deathsplanation. I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind telling us about your first memorable experience with death?

PK: Well, this is maybe a curious answer, but my first memorable experience(s) with death weren’t real–they were in dreams. When I was very young, I used to have these dreams of my own headstone, in a graveyard. I used to dream of various things that might be written on it, and then…

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