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Back on board with another photographer’s portrait. This time with music portrait photographer, Piper Ferguson. She has photographed artists such as Beck, Joe Strummer, David Crosby, Tom Petty, Kenny Rogers, The Black Keys and an on-going A -list of celebrity artists.

I’ve seen Piper’s images over the years and it’s always wonderful to see a fellow photographer’s work grow and evolve. One area that Piper has been exploring more of is film direction.  She has directed music videos, and made mention about a film project she’s been developing for quite sometime. I think the film concept IS excellent, it’s still under wraps, so we’ll have to wait and see!

Chatting with Piper gave me great insight into who she is as a woman and photographer. Again it’s always breaking the barrier with any person you photograph whether you know them or not. I always feel an excitement and intrigue with whomever I photograph. Once I arrived to her cottage style home everything  fell into place for me and I let both of our comfort levels run the course of the portraits. You can probably see in the photos where we transitioned through casual and then more formal and beauty type images.

What was fascinating is I kept seeing so many different faces of Piper. By this I felt like I was photographing a person who knows how to relate to people on a cinematic level, such as a professional actress. At times, I found myself dictating a script in my mind while photographing her.

Piper has and continues to have an adventurous spirit.  She has  excellent projects in the works and (hopefully) to include some traveling this year. My shoot time with her was like catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.  A lot of fun!

Thank you to Piper and her 2 chihuahuas (whose names escape me, sorry!) for being a joy to photograph.