Portrait of a Rock Musician – Randy Mathias

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Early this year, I reached out to my musician friend, Randy Mathias about doing some portraits. A great deal of time had passed since we last hung out at Coachella almost 10 years. ago.

Recently we had been in frequent contact with each other. And hearing about his new perspective on life and his goals , I couldn’t think of a better time to photograph him. He did confess it had been a while since he did any sort of a photo shoot, so we spent the time chatting  in between changes and I checked in to see how he was doing. He seemed most comfortable after a few rounds of me guiding him to inhale/exhale. The best panacea I can recommend to anyone when on a shoot, photographer included!

I tried a few different set ups, but found these selected images best showing Randy from reflective, sexy, perhaps vulnerable to being calm. It’s such a great experience to photograph someone that I knew almost a decade ago, to reunite and see/hear the changes that the person has gone through. Positive transformation rocks!

I look forward to keeping in touch with him and hoping that his goals will form into realities.