A Nature Birthday Weekend in Las Vegas 5.16.2014


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Here’s a belated birthday narrative of my recent weekend in Vegas. My last few visits to this city involved networking and making contacts for work. I decided to make this visit more about relaxing and visiting the outskirts of the Las Vegas landscape.  Boy, was I surprised by what I experienced!

I arrived into Vegas the day of my birthday, May 16th. And the city was in the throes of near record-breaking heat of 100+ degrees. This part I do enjoy.. the HEAT! I can tolerate it better than most and it seems to (nicely) settle me down. Keeping the heat in mind I planned my visit so I would discover some of Southern Nevada’s well-known scenic landscapes.

I made a visit to Mount Charleston about 30 miles outside of Las Vegas. My drive through the heat and desert landscape quickly changed as I went up in altitude towards the mountains. In a matter of 45 mins. I went from 98 degrees to about 76 degrees, and by the time I finished my hike (around sundown) it was time for a light sweater. By then the winds were starting to rustle through and the smell of pine trees and the rush of fresh mountain air was more than  I could ever experience. I felt invigorated and heavily grounded all at once. A bit of a vortex-like experience for all of my senses. Needless to say it was intensely satisfying. Though the one scent that I couldn’t shake off was the scent of tree sap that gave off a honey vanilla coconut pine scent that was so wonderfully intoxicating I can still smell it as I type this!This will forever haunt me until I return and find the name of this large tree. If anyone knows the name of the  tree (the 2nd image after Smokey the Bear) let me know.

On the last day of my visit my friend Andrea surprised me with a spa pass for the M Resort! Boy, this was the relaxing capper to a nature filled weekend. The spa amenities and infinity pool were perfect for this birthday Taurus.  I definitely felt that I treated myself the way I needed to.

It’s hard to be back, but slowly easing myself into reality. The one thing I truly realized is the amount of stress that people have and that we should always take care of one’s self no matter what. This trip helped me reset things within myself for one’s better well-being. No one can push me into feeling stress unless I allow it. It’s a challenge that I’m getting better with.

Enjoy some inspired, stress-free created images!