Want To Sell More Photos? Tell ‘Em A Story

Some good insight on the approach to the photo narrative.

Photofocus (old site)

A photo is an experience, not an object.
A snapshot is a commodity.
Anyone with a phone these days can take a selfie and call it a “photo.”

In order to differentiate from the crowds, we photographers must become visual storytellers. We must make the photo an experience. If you are trying to make a living selling photos, then your job is to take something that is free (a selfie) and turn it into something worth paying for. (The same thing is true if you are simply competing for eyeballs on ViewBug, Flickr or 500px).

We are in the experience economy. How does Starbucks charge a premium for the same cup of coffee as the shop two doors down? They make the process of drinking a cup of coffee an experience where the thought of the cup of coffee is more powerful than the cup of coffee itself. Sorry…

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