Horse Portrait Studies



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Recently, I’ve spent time with relatives who own a ranch house outside of Los Angeles. They own 4 beautiful horses and I took the opportunity to photograph them in a documentary style.  Their names are Rowdy, Darla, Scarlet, and Petee whose ages range from 7 yrs. to 30 yrs. (in human years appox. 25 yrs. to 80 yrs.).

The youngest (7 yrs. old) is Darla who is dark chocolate with some white patch coloring. She recently fell ill and I got a crash course on what to do when a horse is sick. She was showing signs of colic which is dangerous to any horse and while my cousins were at work I watched the horse for about 10 hrs. sending updates to my cousin almost every 30 mins. Without going into lengthy details, Darla ended up going to the hospital for a 2 day observation. A steady amount of 4 gallon IV fluids being flushed through to hydrate her. My cousins and I were all somber and sending prayers out to her. A week later I’m happy to say her improvement was quick and since returning home Darla has resumed her regular diet and activity. A great amount of joy and relief for all of us.

Petee and Scarlett are the middle-aged horses at 17 yrs. and 18 yrs. respectively. Scarlett is reddish-brown with a white muzzle and white patches of color. She has a strong confident personality that isn’t at all overwhelming . A free-spirited soul!

Petee has light brown and white patches of coloring. My cousins tell me that he’s ADD in the sense that he never listens to what you say. It’s not to say he isn’t at all disciplined, but it takes him a while to listen and understand things. There’s some psychology involved in interacting with him so I keep his space and mine separate for now.

And then there’s Rowdy at 30 yrs. old. He has dark brown reddish coloring and is the senior of all the horses at the ranch. When I first met all the horses Rowdy was the one I was drawn to. His calm demeanor warmed my heart. I was told his “human age” is over 80 yrs. old. Hence a horse in its golden years. He gallops slower than the others and moves around at his own pace. He alternates the position of his legs to ease the discomfort in his joints. Sores are showing around the areas of the hip and leg joints. Even around his face you can see the sunken features of age. Once known to be “rowdy and wild” during his youth has now become a humble compassionate creature.

The photos I’ve taken are more of a portrait study of the horses personality and interaction with each other. I look forward to learning more as I spend time with them. 2014 is the Year of the Horse in chinese astrology. Who would’ve thought I’d be having this  a connection with horses this year!

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