Portrait of a Photographer #5 – Edward Colver

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In the early 80’s as LA’s underground punk (music) scene was emerging, Edward Colver was in attendance at many punk clubs  photographing a culture that he was intensely drawn towards. From The Germs, X, Flipper, Wasted Youth, Circle Jerks, Adolescents, Black Flag, Gun Club, Bad Religion, Christian Death, Minor Threat, and a ongoing roster of 80’s LA punk bands, Edward was front center and in the pit with his 35mm camera, 50mm lens, and on camera flash.

Many iconic images were created during “LA’s 1980’s punk era” and  Edward has been the one photographer whose images have been  most known and reproduced of that time. The infamous flip shot at a Wasted Youth show, the Bad Religion album cover shot of boots, the image of Exene’s crossed arms, and of course the shot of Henry Rollins mirror punch on Black Flag’s “Damage” LP. Many fond memories to look back on and happy that Edward was there to capture these moments!

I first met Edward at his “Blight At The End Of The Funnel” book signing in 2008. Six years later, I contacted him about being part of my portrait series and was honored when he agreed. Edward had not seen my work and gave me the opportunity to photograph him. Thank you so much, Edward!

On the day of the shoot, we spent time outside in his beautifully lit tree-lined backyard chatting and doing portraits. Speaking with Edward was like catching up with a friend about the good ‘ol days. Sharing plenty of memories and humor.  A kind hearted man who enjoys meeting and talking with people. He continues to promote his music photography and is currently focussed on architectural photography.