How I will use social media without FaceBook

 In a couple of weeks I will be deactivating my FaceBook profile and photo page.

You may think ..Why? And if so why not delete the profile and be done with it! Well, there is a good possibility of that happening but for now, I will indefinitely close my account which will keep away any potential spammers to hit a floundering FB account.

Basically, in the years that I’ve had my personal and photo page accounts I found that it wasn’t becoming very beneficial to me and that there were things on FB with privacy issues, etc. that you had to either roll with or not. I figure now is the best time to head out!

Some will say that I’m doing a big (business) mistake by not having a FB account to promote my work. How I can best answer this is at this time FB isn’t the right market to promote MY work. And what I mean by this is that businesses (whether small or large) who already have some success to their names (I feel) can build a larger clientele through FB as opposed to a business who’s “looking” for clients/followers. By having a FB page to promote your work and no clients to begin with makes it more difficult to get that page to be seen by people.

What I’ll be doing now is “testing” other social media sites to see the response while promoting who I am and my work. It should prove to be interesting. I honestly believe that FB isn’t the end of success for any business that doesn’t have an account with them. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in social media. It’s just a matter of finding your audience that resonates with you the best.