Autumnal Intentions..

© a reminder of fall

Today marks the First day of Autumn or better known as Mabon in the Pagan community. The Autumn Equinox will begin at 10:29pm on the East coast and (of course) 7:29pm on the West coast.

Autumn IS my favorite time of the year. The energy starts winding down and what was created/harvested during the Spring and Summer months becomes something to reflect on and to learn from. This is a great time for retrospection and setting intentions.

During seasonal changes, birthdays, life-turning events, New Years, etc. many of us find ourselves looking to turn over a new lease on life. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve done personal intentions and manage to let outside responsibilities steer me away. I do my best to keep on track so that my commitment remains solidified.

When Autumn begins this evening, I will take a moment to be still and breathe. Letting go of the past, being in the present, and accepting of what the universe will guide me toward in the coming months. My mantra for 2014 is Stability. I communicate it for a specific direction and what I’ve experienced has been more of inner (spiritual) stability. Doing so would probably lead to other areas of stability that is equally important for me. That’s the balance (equinox) and today we experience the balance of light and dark in all of it’s beauty.

How are you setting a personal intention during the Autumn months?