The iPhone 6 and 6+ experience



A week ago the world saw the Apple release of iPhone models 6 and 6+. The iPhone 6 at 4.7″ and 6+ at 5.5″.

We’ve now seen a redesign of the phone into a more smooth rounded form, which is slightly reminiscent of the iPhone 3. The noticeably thinner feel of the phone is quite nice. A bit like holding a (very expensive) checkbook in your hand!

When I arrived at my nearest Apple Store I saw a small crowd of people testing out the 6 and 6+.  The reactions were classic and curious minded. The common response to the 6+ is that it’s “HUGE”!  This is what took me by surprise that the 6+ is quite bigger than what we’ve seen online. Granted I was leaning towards the 6+, but after exchanging pros/cons about the 6+ with other iPhone users, I started to think if this could be a cumbersome device to use for extended phone calls. I’ve long fingers so grasping this large iPhone wasn’t the issue. But I did notice after holding the phone for a while there was a slight sense of hand fatigue. I suppose those Apple headsets will now come into better use during long conversations.

 I tested out the apps and functionality of the 6 and 6+ and it’s pretty incredible to experience how fast the A8 processor works and how great images look on the 6 and 6+. The improved retina display on both models are excellent. The updated “Photos” app will now allow the user to modify their images by adding brightness, intensity, tones, etc. The “Camera” app in the iPhone 6/6+ has faster focusing, but the 6+ has better video “image phase stabilization”. This is a vast improvement from any previous iPhone models. The added “slo-mo and time-lapse” features are very nice, but you will still need to have iMovie or a 3rd party app to edit your video clips. The new “Health” app is a great addition. Besides keeping track of your exercise stats, blood pressure, etc. You can enter your own medical history which can include medicine allergies and emergency contact info. This is excellent in emergency situations. Hopefully users will make use of this feature which can provide vital health information when needed.

Overall, the brief demo experience I had with the iPhone 6 and 6+ is exciting for me as I now own the iPhone 4s. When I sized up the 4s along side of the 6 and 6+  it simply made the 4s look like a mini cell phone. Regardless, I am planning an upgrade to either one of these phones. The deciding factor for me will ultimately be based on which one will better meet my photographer/mulit-tasking needs.

What do you think of the new iPhone 6/6+?