The thought process of a photo shoot


Last week I photographed a Fashion/Portrait series with a talented celebrity hairstylist and friend, Pearson Knight. We primarily shot in the studio and somehow completed numerous set ups and clothing changes in about 2.5hrs.  I always manage to squeeze in as much as I can within a short time frame and though (later on) burn myself out in the process! That’s a good thing, it shows how hard you work for something you love! Also, I think it’s the challenge that I secretly enjoy about hustling and everything coming down to the wire. It’s a great exercise in keeping me on top of my toes and seeing what I can do differently next time around.

Many of us work under pressure in different circumstances. Some enjoy this as it becomes a work performance challenge, while others may ride out the pressure, or choose to breakdown. I’ve experienced all of these and have learned to make things work! It definitely has helped me in the quick problem solving and decision-making areas in my work. A majority of what I shoot, believe it or not, goes with no expectations and no planning, unless of course it’s a client job.

I’m a photographer who lives the life of the unexpected and I bring that experience into how I work. In other words, the less I know the better it is for me to truly photograph a situation regardless of any preconceived ideas. The results usually (for me) end up being something that I pleasantly was not expecting. Such are the results from this shoot. There’s a bit of the subconscious that comes out in photographs which always fascinates me.