all hallows eve .. when the veil between life and death is at its thinnest

1315© Vicky Crystal Ball (bw)

This year I’m planning to take more of an introspective approach to this tradition. In the last few years I’ve always done something to commemorate these celebrations. Such as attending Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos festivities, or doing a spiritual practice where intuition is at its strongest. I won’t go into details about the latter but around this time of the year is when I feel most introspective and connected to the darker side of things.

This goes back to when I was a child and having a cousin who let me watch horror movies with her and tell me ghost stories which constantly fascinated me. Yes, I still am a curious soul of the unknown. I was privy (as a child) to a lot of information that got me thinking about life after death.

Unfortunately I directly experienced this with the sudden passing of my mother 20 years ago and then followed by my grandmother’s passing (mothers side) 3 years later. A very difficult time, but one that brought me insight into the “hows and whys” of death. Never have I felt so confused about these questions. I eventually wrote off my understanding as one with no answer. It just happens, life ends.

Since that time and going through life experiences, I’ve taken a new perspective on the subject of death. Yes, it does happen, but it is the process of life into death. What we perceive (life/conscious) vs. the unperceived (death/unconscious). It is the “veil” between that keeps it mysterious. And only at this time of Autumn/Winter that many feel a heighten sense of connection to the unknown.

The photo above represents the welcome into the unknown. The woman’s name is Vicky who practices various forms of magikal arts. Nothing supernatural occurred during the shoot. Just some wonderful portraits!

To those who celebrate, wishing everyone a wonderful All Hallow’s Eve and Dia De Los Muertos.