Winter Solstice Evening…




This evening I prepared an altar in honor of Winter Solstice’s arrival. Of all the seasonal changes, Winter solstice is the most poignant for me. With the Xmas holiday in full swing and the end of the year around the corner I somehow harness this high energy and turn it into a time of grounding, reflecting and meditation.

2014 has been an extremely inspiring year for me. I jumped right into creating photo projects, excitedly so to the point of obsessing about shooting “a photo” every day. Then came the social media game. Trying to make heads or tails of creating the right social media strategy for me. I dove head first into Instagram, Twitter, Google, and (shocking to a few) I deactivated my FaceBook account.

For most of the year I found myself exploring what’s best in many areas of my life, from career, love, and spirituality. These things will always be part of the journey but I came to realize that I now need to focus on ONE thing that is most important. This is a challenge as I feel all things of great importance to me support each other. Can’t have one attribute without the other!

 I welcome Winter Solstice as darkness slowly succumbs to light. The darkness was my time to figure what I need most. The light is there to direct me into the next part of the journey. I trust that I’ll be guided safely and to what’s in my best interest.

Best Wishes over the holidays and into 2015!