Louis Vuitton Fashion exhibit and the passing of 1980’s British New Romantic pioneer, Steve Strange

IMG_0169© LV Twins LOUIS VUITTON SERIES 2: Los Angeles became the debut of Louis Vuitton touring fashion exhibit named “Series 2”. It features several interactive themed rooms that showcase elements of Vuitton’s influence and the Spring 2015 collection. The experience is quite visual and dizzying in particular two rooms displayed in mirrored reflections creating images while video projected loops of the Spring 2015 runway are playing. If you suffer from motion sickness or dizziness, these rooms may be overwhelming and unfortunately takes away from the full experience of the exhibit. I mention this as I did have to leave after the constant array of mirrored images and losing a sense of perception after a while. But the design of this exhibit floored me and I took the great opportunity to make a mini photo shoot while I was there. There were many moments to capture so I’m including a few images that caught my eye. The exhibit will next head to China then make it’s way through various international cities before closing the tour in New York City.

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STEVE STRANGE: This has been a fashion filled week with the start of New York’s Fashion week this past Thursday and the Louis Vuitton Series 2 fashion exhibit in Hollywood. Unfortunately, there was some sadness through all of the fashion hullaballoo as word began to spread of the passing of Steve Strange this past Thurs. February 12th.

Now many of you may not know who this person was unless you were following British music back in the 80’s. Steve Strange was a major mover of the influential “New Romantic” club scene that was starting out of the Blitz Club in London. This movement visually influenced such artists as Duran Duran, Boy George, and Spandau Ballet. Much can be said about this time in British music and fashion as there was so much creativity coming out at different areas that for me as a young teenager this was the best eye (ear) candy that I’ve ever experienced. Little would I know that this (visual) aspect of British music would later influence me in becoming a visual artist. Godspeed your soul, Steve.