A change of photo direction for 2015

IMG_3905I know, I know.. I’m about 6 weeks late in adding a “New Year” update and it already feels like 2015 is flying by. There’s that time of excitement in the New Year to jump into projects, start resolutions and new commitments. Though I found myself doing neither and faced the reality of where I am in my direction as a photographer and my future. I know it sounds like I’ve reached “a crossroad in my life” and I have had many, but this one is too complex to get into. It’s more or less about making a commitment and staying true to it.

In the last few years, I’ve explored different elements of photography to create my own style. 2014 was an exceptional year as I created a means to shoot as much as possible. I had great opportunities to photograph different scenarios and in turn this directed me to see where I wanted to take my photography.

The one subject that I didn’t photograph last year was Fashion. Interesting enough this was how I got started into photography and did for a short while. But the fashion industry was a market I had no interest in. The social aspect of going to fashion industry events just put me off. This was about 20 years ago. At this time I was more interested in photographing bands and musicians. It was a (music) scene that I already knew and felt at home with. Also the fashion sense of shooting musicians was like a win-win scenario for me. But all of this changed after 15 years of photographing bands. My interests began to change as I grew older and the music that had been coming out in the last five+ years was no longer exciting for me and my interest in photographing musicians was waning. I’m inspired by things as long as it grabs my attention and holds me long enough. Two years ago I thought I caught a second wind to peak my excitement in photographing bands when the LA Weekly brought me in to photograph the “Life is Beautiful” music festival in Las Vegas. With a strong line-up of bands I was looking forward to getting back in the photo pit after a long hiatus. It was two 12 hour days of running back and forth between 3 stages close to 6 or so blocks apart. Fighting off a cold and keeping hydrated was my physical goal. Come the last day and 1000+ images later I was BURNT OUT. When I got back to LA, edited and sent the images off to the Weekly I clearly felt that my stamina was not what it used to be and that I may not be able to do this again. I took time away from shooting concerts and haven’t had much interest since.

Returning to the subject of fashion, I’m finding myself excited about (photographically) exploring this once again though 20 years later. I’m certain fashion industry standards and attitudes haven’t changed much but now entering a market 20 years older is interesting for me. I’ve been doing some research on the business side of fashion to see what’s happening and there’s never a dull moment in that aspect. Mergers and designer collaborations seem to be a common thread of recent years. Financially, it’s still a multi-billion dollar industry that remains to be on top. Creatively, fashion designers aren’t as over the top as they used to be. The buying audience is younger now and I feel designers are keeping this in mind. I’ll continue to watch this trend as this will influence the manner in which I would shoot a story and add images to my portfolio.

So next for me is laying out the plans for upcoming fashion projects. I’m in the process of building a creative team to shoot and collaborate with. I can only hope that the crossroad that I’m about to embark will prove to be worth waiting for. Crossed fingers!