Happy Chinese New Year 2015 – The Year of the Wood Ram (Goat or Sheep)


Wishing those who celebrate a healthy and prosperous year. Especially to those born in 1931,1955,1967,1979,1991,2003. This is our Chinese New Year. I’m a Fire Ram! Looking forward to celebrating this weekend in Downtown Los Angeles Chinatown. I’ll post photos from the celebration. In the meantime here’s an interesting link about the “confusion” of this Chinese New Year’s animal. Is it the Goat, Ram, or Sheep? Doesn’t matter to me all of these creatures instill their own energy and personality to create a powerful animal. Enjoy the New Year!

UPDATE: Here are a few choice photos from the Chinese New Year celebration. I stayed only for a short while since I was beginning to feel under the weather. Nevertheless, it was very festive and colorful.